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transmissionsFun fact: Did you know that a good number of auto repair shops won’t work on, service, or repair transmissions? It’s true! The transmission in your vehicle is easily its most complicated component, and an automotive technician needs years of training to be able to work with them. Clocking in at over 800 individual pieces, your transmission is the part of your vehicle tasked with changing gears as you increase and decrease your speed. With such a complex and important part of your vehicle, you wouldn’t want just any old mechanic to service or repair it. If you need transmission service or transmission repair in Sanford, NC, you need the team at Sellers Automotive.

Transmission Service Sanford NC

Like today’s engines, today’s transmissions can go for thousands and thousands of miles without a single bit of attention. As a matter of fact, some cars can go their entire lifespan without the transmission ever being serviced, outside of the milestone 30/60/90k services. But drivers who want to see their transmissions truly stand the test of time can opt for transmission service in the form of a transmission flush. This is the process of completely draining the transmission fluid from your car’s transmission and replacing it with a brand new batch. This service has been proven to extend the life of a transmission far beyond normal, and those concerned with making their cars last for as long as possible swear by this. If you need transmission service, think of the experts at Sellers Automotive.

Transmission Repair Sanford NC

The term “transmission repair” strikes fear into the hearts of drivers everywhere due to the expense, but we have some good news for you. Transmission problems tend to pop up in much later model vehicles, so if you own a newer car, you are probably safe. Also, transmission problems tend to start as small little hiccups, like a slipped gear here or there. If caught early, transmission repair in Sanford, NC, can be relatively painless. So at the first sign of trouble with your transmission, bring it to Sellers Automotive for transmission repair in Sanford, NC.

Transmission Repair Near Me

If you have transmission troubles, you are in luck. At Sellers Automotive, our team is uniquely qualified to work on transmissions, and has years of experience doing just that. For the best transmission repair in Sanford, NC, trust your vehicle to the experts at Sellers Automotive.

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