State Inspections

state inspectionsDrivers in North Carolina know that, eventually, new cars or used ones are going to need an NC safety or emissions inspection. These quick inspections are usually passed easily by each and every car through our bays, but occasionally there is a problem that must be rectified. So when your vehicle is due for one of these inspections in Sanford, NC, why not bring it to the auto shop you’ve trusted for years – Sellers Automotive?

North Carolina Safety Inspection Sanford NC

North Carolina has implemented a vehicle safety inspection program for all vehicles registered in North Carolina to ensure that all cars on the roads and highways are safe. The North Carolina safety inspection consists of several important parts, including inspecting steering, suspensions, brakes, tires and wheels, lighting equipment, windshields and wipers, exhaust system, body and frame elements, and many other components. All portions of the North Carolina safety inspection must meet North Carolina minimum standards to receive an approved certification sticker which must be displayed on all North Carolina registered vehicles to legally operate them on public roads or highways. This important regulation keeps North Carolinians safe while driving by ensuring that the vehicles they’re using meet certain basic standards.

North Carolina Emissions Inspection Sanford NC

North Carolina requires an emissions inspection for all vehicles registered in the state, with some exceptions. North Carolina uses a test called On-Board Diagnostics (OBDII) to determine if vehicle engines emit dangerous exhausts that are harmful to the environment. Before a vehicle can be registered, it must pass the North Carolina emissions inspection and receive an OBDII Certificate of Compliance. The North Carolina Department of Environment Quality requires car owners to have their vehicles inspected every two years or after any changes are made that could affect the performance of their cars’ emissions. Following North Carolina’s emissions requirements not only helps protect the environment but also keeps drivers safe on the road by finding any mechanical problems before they become a hazard.

NC Safety & Emissions Inspections Near Me

When you need North Carolina safety or emissions inspections in Sanford, NC, always bring your car to the experts at Sellers Automotive. Chances are your car will pass easily, but if there is a problem, you can get it fixed right here by our team of friendly professionals. Just swing by our shop and let our techs perform the tests. We’re happy to help you keep your car street-legal and registered!

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